I take (even the craziest) launches and systems off your plate

...So you can step back into the role of CEO, knowing you got this


Launches, systems and scary words like “integrations” are about to *finally* get handled.


...With a strategic manager who loves tech, automation, and scaling online entrepreneurs

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 Your online business deserves to go from scrappy to scaled. 

As a systems and launch manager, my specialty is growing women entrepreneurs, exponentially


Right now, you may relate (too well?) to these scenarios. 

🍋 Launches excite you at first but end in sleep-deprived stressed

🍋 On vacation, you can’t help but ask for hotel Wifi to peek at Gmail or Slack

🍋 Even with team and contractor support, you know your business backend, marketing, and systems could be far more effective

You’re admirably quick to hunker down and work hard.

The problem? 

Your go-getter spirit slips into too much time in the weeds your email CRM rather than your zone of genius, leaving growth and mulah on the table. Because I know the truth.

Even with all your success so far, you have an even grander, butterfly-inducing vision.


While coaches and strategy are important, scaling to the next level requires a bad @$$ pro to actually → Implement


Instead of instruction, let’s get high-level s*** off your plate. 

Whether you’re launching in weeks or seeking a long-term sanity partner, it’s time to get space from your business and all things Zoom/ConvertKit/insert software you dread here. 

Finally, have room to focus on the juicy stuff that puts you back into the CEO role.


Cherry Lemon pick what your brand needs


One day to tech or launch issues, handled

After sipping in the most important information, I take one full day to go behind the scenes and handle that launch or tech piece that has you burning the 1 am oil. From CRM set up and onboarding audits to launch tech tweaking, your hours from the problem being solved.


Your next launch, made easy

If launches leave you panicked and bent over your desk surrounded by protein bar wrappers, I got you. The Lemon Zest Launch package transforms launches from scrappy to smooth sailing scalable. My method lets you step back from tech and project managing and into your role as CEO.


A partner who’s got your back, every month

I become women entrepreneurs’ clone - only one far more into tech and systems. It’s time to share the emotional burden of running a business and all the CRMs & strategies - I’ll whip up scalable systems that empower you to grow like a lemon tree in warm weather.


Stacy is awesome. She’s so thoughtful, prompt, on the ball and downright amazing at what she does.

I love that she freed up so much time for me and made it all so easy and effortless.
— Satya Purna - Business Strategist and Mindset Coach
“Stacy is a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for a pro, she’s the one you should work with!

She’s takes the initiative to manage everything, and is always professional and in great spirits.”
— David Rodeck - Financial Copywriter

The tech-obsessed launch & systems manager 

Stacy here, 5’5” Irish cailín (Gaelic for femme) who left her Dublin corporate career to grow international, virtual businesses. As an Online Fairy Godmother, the only thing I love more than corgi butts and ice cold Diet coke?

Seeing creatives and entrepreneurs go from stressed to scaled.

Years of high-level operations experience has made me into this all-seeing eye of Sauron for your business, noticing, and managing all in your kingdom. (Only difference? No evil here, only a force for good, nay incredible, business growth. ;)